Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Totally Stoked!!

I am so "Old School" when it comes to blogging..... :) I just keep thinking, "Why has it taken me this long to create one  of these!" This is so fun! So I am totally stoked about figuring out how to make my blog more "me" and I did it! I didn't even have to ask my tech-no husband to help me!!! There are still some more things I would like to figure out, but I will get there....eventually! As for now, I am going to relish in this moment.........awww....that felt good! 
So I have been extremely behind in my blogging, but Tis the Season for hectic times right?! Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, as did we and hopefully I can get some pictures up of the last couple weeks! As for the upcoming two months...boy am I busy! My little Sweden turns TWO on New Years Eve and if you know anything about the way birthday parties go in this house they do NOT go unseen! It's a big deal around here when you turn another year older!! I am looking forward to spending some extra time with my baby girl and of course have a whole day of just plain girl stuff!! yeah! Then that night we are off to a New Year's Eve party! About five days later is my lover buns (that's my husband :)) BIG 30th birthday! Of course a fun shin dig for him! Then in the first week of February a ski trip with my lovely family and you can't forget Valentine's Day!!!! That's a big one! Oh and the whole month of February I am contributing my time in this fabulous new store, CUPCAKES, that's opening here in Winfield!!! Thought up by my sister Willow! February is our 'work' month and we open in March! And finally a fantabulous baby shower which I am so honored to host for my other sister Amber!! Boy it will sure be busy but I am so excited! Now that the Christmas has sadly passed I will get back on the wagon of posting every day! Tomorrow I am out to shop for my babies birthday! Until tomorrow...!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shop Til You Drop!

On this weird and crazy Wednesday my mom and my sister and I met each other in Wichita and went Christmas shopping! It was so much fun! We have been planning this trip for years and we finally did it! Yahoo! 

I missed my babies so much so when I got home I decided to make them a festive little treat for those cute little munchkins! We have palm tree veggies and grilled cheese and spinach sandwiches! Delicious! 

 I think I got this creative little tree idea from delicious ambiguity blog! Another fantastic one to follow! The children just gobbled this right up!

Until tomorrow!

Christmas Treats!

On this fine Tasty Tuesday we made some yummy Christmas treats! For the first time ever in my kitchen I conquered making Carmel popcorn!! I found the recipe online at and gave it a whirl! It is soooo good! Really easy to make and perfect for Christmas gifts! The other recipe I tried was Chocolate popcorn. It was also very tasty, but I forgot to add the vanilla so it tasted a little bit bitter. I will definitely be making those again very soon!

 Carmel popcorn
Chocolate popcorn.....this one looks a bit like dog food, but it sure doesn't taste like dog food!  ;)

Until Tomorrow!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Make Something Monday!

Hmmm.....what should we make? What should we make? With all of the fun Christmas crafts to do it is hard to decide what we should make! This is what we did for today! We got a piece of green construction paper and put our hand in white paint and made a print on the green paper. Then we cut out a Santa face, hat and eyes and glued them on. And finally glued cotton balls on his hat to make some fur! The children loved it and it was so much fun!

All of the Santa pictures turned out great! Indie's picture was especially cute because it was so tiny! Until tomorrow!... 

Christmas Dress Up!

Saturday we went to a Christmas concert and we got all dressed up! I wanted to get a family picture, but it didn't work out :( Soon....very soon I will get everyone all dressed up again and get that family picture ;)!

Indie was of asleep!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Field Trip Friday!!

Yeah! This day was super fun! We went on a family date! We went to see the new movie Tangled in 3D! Definitely a must see for new favorite Disney movie! I don't have any pictures to share for today but the children loved watching the movie with glasses on! It was to dark in there to get a picture :) Until tomorrow!...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tidy Up Thursday!

Today we cleaned up messes all over the house and made pictures for our two families of the week and prepped them to be mailed off! We have such a big family on both my husband and mine sides that I decided to incorporate a day in our Tot School where we choose a family on my side and a family on my husbands side. We pray for them all week and then on Thursdays we write a letter telling them what we have been doing! I think it's a good way to keep in touch with so many family members. I hope for it to continue on throughout our schooling years! 

For our first family letters we made pictures of little moose's by tracing their foot for the face and their hands for the antlers. Then we finished the pictures off by coloring them and writing a note on each letter. Super fun!

The day was so nice that we had to get out and go for a walk! We had an interesting adventure! I'll let the video speak for itself!

 What a fabulous day with my little trio! Until tomorrow!